Three tools were launched by the Next Challenge Asia project as a fundamental support for Portuguese companies wishing to export to Japan, North Korea and/or China.

Business Intelligence, the first of these tools, is dedicated to the characterization of the three markets, allowing companies to compare and identify opportunities and key characteristics of each, in order to assist decision making.

Through Business Knowledge it is possible to diagnose the current level of readiness, regarding the critical success factors, for initiating an internationalization process in the Asian target markets. Users need only to answer a survey on six essential topics – knowledge, human capital, relational capital, financial capacity, reputation, and international vision.

The third tool is the Business Strategy, and is dedicated to the preparation of the individual strategic plan for approaching the markets through a questionnaire that assesses key aspects of the internal and external environment of the company and setting short and medium term goals. This will result in a strategy for defining market segments, positioning, and marketing-mix.

These tools can be used separately or together, and using all three will ensure more efficient and complete decision making.

Using these tools is very intuitive and can be done for free HERE.